Bachelor Nation Heats Up! Who will win America’s Most Eligible Male?

Episode 8

Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsey are off to Thailand!  Pressure’s on because each one- on- one date ends with a possible invitation to an overnight trip to the Fantasy Suite.

Sean takes Lindsey to a Thai market.  He makes her eat a bug.  Several bugs.  Lindsey is not pleased. Lindsey gets the chance to show off her bikini body at the beach and they feed some rabid monkeys. At the night date Lindsey says she loves Sean and accepts the key.

Sean was totally turned on by AshLee’s little blindfold stunt, so he takes it to the next level by forcing her to swim through a suffocating dark cave in order to reach an isolated beach.  AshLee is head- over- heels for Sean.  She loves him, she trusts him, she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.  So badly, in fact, that she whips out the engagement ring dimensions during the night date.  She accepts the key to the fantasy suite.  I’m pretty sure they have sex and I’m pretty sure it’s not great.

Catherine, the classy lady that she is, looks right at home in the Thailand heat.  They have a snorkeling adventure and Catherine admits she’s “over Seattle” and could see herself settling down in Dallas and popping out some half- Hapa, half- ginger kids.  When Sean mentions the fantasy suite, tensions arise.  Catherine keeps saying she’s “old- fashioned” which is a fancy way of saying she’s not an old slut.  I guess Sean gets the hint because they hit hot tub for a “talk” to make Catherine feel more comfortable.  Catherine makes the confession of the night!  She’s never been in a bikini as much as she has on this show.  At the end of the night, she accepts the key because she wants to spend more time with Sean.

Sean knows 100% who he’s sending home by the time the rose ceremony rolls around.  He says the decision is “really hard” because she’s “the sweetest girl” and “has such a big heart”.  Ha!  It could be anyone!  But, the giveaway comes with, “ I don’t want to break her heart.”  Read:  This girl is a little too desperate, too eager and/ or not fun to sleep with.  Yup, it’s AshLee.  You never saw a colder woman when AshLee misses the rose.  She immediately turns to stone.  Her eyes turn to ice daggers.  She doesn’t say a word to Sean as she brushes past everyone and steps into the getaway car.  She cries for the cameras and says she “let him in”.



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