Bachelor Nation Heats Up! Who will win America’s Most Eligible Male?

bachelor 2013 lindsey sean catherine

Hunky Bachelor Sean Lowe has spent the last few years looking for love on reality TV.  Next week, he may find it!  Sean will select the adorable Lindsey or the bubbly Catherine as his bride- to- be (or at least short- term girlfriend) next week during ABC’s three- hour finale.  Before you commit, meet the most important bachelorettes, find out why Sean’s the total package, and check out recaps  from the latest episodes.

Meet The Bachelor!

The Bachelor is almost too good to be true.  29- year- old Texan Sean Lowe graduated from Kansas State, where he had a full football scholarship.  He played on the 2003 Big 12 Conference Championship team.  After graduating, he dabbled in the insurance industry before “committing to his new enterprise, owning and running an upscale, custom furniture business” (   Viewers might recognize him from The Bachelorette, where he was third runner- up.  He wants “a family that is centered on faith, love and laughter” (

And he’s a hunk.  Like, a big one.  By far the cutest Bachelor.  And he’s so nice!  And diplomatic!  It’s not easy to date 25 women at the same time!! Even I want to take him home.

Meet the Girls!

AshLee, 32, Professional Organizer from Houston, TX.  Professional organizer pretty much means professional control freak.  AshLee does come across as a control freak on the show, possibly because of the way she straightens the shit out of her hair every day.  She was adopted at age six and has “abandonment issues”.

Catherine, 26 Graphic Designer from Seattle, WA. Catherine is a goofy beauty with big brown eyes and giddy smile.  Catherine is half Italian, half Filipino and loves to have fun. Yay!

Daniella, 24, commercial casting associate from Belmont, CA.  Looks like she should be cast in a commercial herself.

Desiree, 26, Bridal Stylist from Northglenn, CO (but her family lives in LA?).  Desiree was a fan favorite with a great attitude.

Leslie, 25, Political Consultant from Washington, DC.  Arguably the smartest girl on the show.  Sean likes to kiss Leslie.  A lot.

Lindsey, 24 Substitute Teacher from Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Adorable all- American girl with a sweet smile and a sweet voice and really white teeth.  Her daddy is a general!

Robyn, 24, Oilfeild Account Manager from Houston, TX.  Robyn is smart and sharp and cut like dynamite.  She’s usually the second to get involved in drama but has a pretty sound mind.

Sarah, 26, Advertising Executive from Los Angeles, CA.  She was born with one arm and has overcome a lot of adversity.  She went to several different colleges before transferring to art school.  She really does have a great attitude about the whole one- arm thing.  As a BachellorNation Tweeter put it, “Sarah does a better job on her hair and makeup with one arm than I do with three.” True story.

Selma, 29, Real Estate developer from San Diego, California.  Selma is Iraqi and comes from a conservative Muslim family, so she can’t kiss Sean on the lips because her family considers it a great disgrace.  She is smoking hot though.

Tierra del Fuego, also known as the Tierrorist, Leasing Consultant from Denver, CO.  Tierra is the drama.  The girls like to hate her because Tierra wakes up in the morning and give people the stinkeye.  Her right eyebrow has a mind of its own.  Famously sparkles.  When she was little, she won a Little Miss Nevada contest.

Episode 5:  Whitefish, Montana

Episode 5.2:  Lake Louise, Canada

Episode 6:  US Virgin Islands

Episode 7: Hometown Dates

Episode 8:  The Final Three


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